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Kovac Amazing Daisy

Daisy was given to me by my hunting partner Billy Moder. Daisy was born on Easter Day, there were only two puppies in that litter. Billy kept one and I kept the other. Daisy's Father was a Stephen's Cur named homer and as far as I can trace it back he came from bill mann's stock. The mother was a walker named Big River Sally. Sally's father was Big River Dan (a.k.a Big Goerge). Gorge was out of World Champion Deep River Mike. Sally's mother was out of James Merchant's Stock. I had the pleasure to hunt with Gorge, Sally, and Sally's Brother Charlie, They were all funamenal Dogs. This is the Quality of dogs I started with from the get-go. 
Daisy was an Extreamly early starting dog. She Started treeing at 4 months old. You would have to go get her off the tree. Billy and I hunted together, I would always have Daisy and he would rotate between homer, Sally, and Charlie, by that time Gorge was putting on some age so he  was retired. After about two years I starting hunting Daisy by herself she could find a coon anywhere. She was also a total family dog. She would pull my kids on a sled. she had a passion for swimming. Daisy would also retreive, someone shot a goose and asked me if I'd bring my dog down to retrieve it because it was still alive. Daisy swam out, grabbed the goose, the goose grabbed her, she brought it in, and then we rang the gooses neck. When she had her first and only litter of puppies at 12 weeks old she would take them out hunting for 2 days at a time and they would all come marching home wich totally amazed me because she wouldn't lose a pup, and  nothing happend to them, and thats the litter star came from. 
Daisy was silent on squirrel she went where ever the squirrels were and could range pretty wide.
Daisy was open on coon only later in life and caught more coons on the ground then all of my dogs put together to this day.
( Writtin By Ray Kovac P.S. I'm not dead)

Acompli shme nts

My first competition in my life with a cur dog was Plott Days, Back in those days they still aloud grade dog to enter. There was many dogs there from all over the united stated because they had a live bear and it wasnt in a cage but on a leash. Before the bear event they had a coon treeing contest. There were at least 70 dogs entered, and Daisy won it. 
Then they had a water race on some of the dogs entered were mixed with racing dogs, and Daisy won it. That day I was offered $2,500 for daisy and in that day i was very poor and it was hard to resist but i did.
Then it came to the bear treeing contest and non of the dogs could get the bear to climb the tree. I heard a guy yell "Kovac, Bring that Amazing Daisy over here." She Grabbed him by the ass and he shimmied up the tree, and that the bear bear treeing contest started and guess who won, Daisy.
After that i just basicly hide hunted daisy because I worked 6 days a week and couldn't go to any more events until later in life.
​(written by Ray Kovac P.S. im not dead)
Big River Dan
Big River Sally
Kovac's Amazing Daisy