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NKC. WORLD CH, 4-Way Super GR CH,
Kovac Amazing Ruby

 Ruby was sold with a 10 month guarentee as a pup. The man called me and told me she's not treeing. I first ask him what he had done with her and he said he took her out once and she didnt do anything.  she was tied back so far from the guys house that when he brought her up to me, I asked him whats her name. He said ill have to look on the papers. So basicly she sat there for 8 months with no contact and no training. I was so glad to get her back, because star had passed away two weeks earlier. I took her out and she knew zip, nothing, nodda. But she did bay a box turtle. so I put the box turtle in the tree cuz, have you ever seen a box turtle climb a tree? That hit the tree switch for her, after that she started treeing on squirrels and coons. So when I started competing hunting her, everytime I won I mailed the man that told me she wouldnt tree, a copy of my winning reciept. She was a true pleasure to hunt, totally straight, and needless to say the man got many, many receipts from me.  She became a four way super grand champion and a world show champion. Ruby crossed onto copper put most quality dogs that I owned and was the foundation for my Breeding Program, And every litter my kids would come and pick out a dog.
I was once in a local club hunt and drew out the Texas state Squirrel Champion. The dog from texas, had 500 circle points, the judge asked me when  my dog was going to tree and with a cocky remark I said when there is a squirrel. I treed the only squirrel seen in the hunt with 5 minutes left  and won the hunt with 125+ points, with no support from the Texas dog.
 I hunted her till the age of 15. 
she was silent on squirrel she was always the first dog treed she would not back another dog if she didnt tree first. 
She was semi open on coon and a lock down tree dog.
( Writtin By Ray Kovac P.S. I'm not dead)

Acompli shme nts

. Just two months after I brought Ruby home she placed 3rd in the '94 World Treeing Contest at Elnora, IN with 63 barks in 30 seconds.
  • She won MO State SQ champion twice
  • She became World Champion
  • became the First NKC 4-way Super GR CH treeing Cur
(written by Ray Kovac P.S. im not dead)
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