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Kovac Amazing Star

Star hunted with Daisy for about 18 month's. She would let Daisy do all the treeing and hunting. So one day I decided to seperate them and just take star by herself. She Struck, She Treed, and I shot the coon out. This went on for five more times. Thats what made me relize she was a typical kid if someone else would do the work she would let em, that's why I never hunted her with Daisy again. She was my personal dog and when I lost her I suffered for a long time and I promised myself I would never like one dog that much again. So I got a few and liked them all a little. She was only bred twice. She did produce awsome offspring. She was a perfect watch dog, if I let somebody in the house she wouldnt let them out without me. which my son had fun with when his girlfriend wanted to go home and he didnt want her to. She was alot of fun but losing her was alot of pain that i will never experience again. 
star was silent on squirrel with a medium range.
star was open on coon with a medium range.
( Writtin By Ray Kovac P.S. I'm not dead)

Acompli shme nts

  •  Star was the 1st Super GR CH on the Bench
  •  SQ CH,
  • TR CH, 
(written by Ray Kovac P.S. im not dead)
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