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NKC. NT CH, GR SQ CH, CH, UKC. CH, SQ CH, TR CH Kovac's Amazing Sue-Zee

Sue-Zee was sold as pup. Her story is so much different then her mothers. The guy that bought her lived in a small town acrossed alittle road to the park.  He nailed a peice of corn to a tree and every morning he let sue-zee out she treed a fox squirrel eating on the corn. So the man started competition hunting her. He had her up to one win shy of GR SQ CH. He started working out of town and got outside interests. Snd so he called me and wanted to know if I wanted to buy her. I said yes he priced her way to high for me at $2,500 I  renegotiated for $1,500 cash and borrowed part of the from my good friend Jim. and got her. He kept the Kovacs amazing name on her but spelled her call name Sue-Zee. so all I. had to do was win one more sq ch hunt and i drew out with David Young at busch Wildlife. He can tell you to this day the incredible hunt we had, which made her a GR SQ CH. She was also the dog that if someone wanted to come out and see our dogs she was the dog we took to the woods.  She treed Coons but her true passion was Squirrels. Sue-zee Produced our current living Strong hold stud of our bloodlines Amazing X-Factor. 
Sue-Zee was silent on Squirrel with a medium range, and she was such a hard tree dog you couldnt tell a cold squirrel from one the went right up in front of her she blew the top off the tree everytime. 
Sue-Zee was silent on coon as well, with medium range. She was a straight dog.  she finished out to NT CH.
(written by Ray Kovac P.S. im not dead)

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  • NKC Nite CH
  • NKC GR SQ CH ​
  • NKC CH
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